About Anabelle

My name is Anabelle Bernard Fournier and I currently work as a freelance (ghost)writer.

After 7 years following the academic path in English literature, I realized that I didn’t want to write a dissertation or become a tenured university professor. So I decided to turn into a career what had been a simple sideline in the last year: ghost writing for the Web.

I enjoy composition theory, especially the work of Peter Elbow. I love science-fiction novels, the works of George Eliot and anything I can put my hands on these days. After years of having to analyze everything I read, it feels liberating to choose to read absolutely anything I want, even if it’s bad.

I am interested in health and fitness, composition pedagogy, cooking, knitting and crochet, the world of online marketing and iPhone and Mac apps. See my portfolio for some of my bylined work as well as guest posts.

If you are interested in my services for your company, see the Hire Me section.


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