How to find the right Elance job

Elance is a popular platform for freelancers. It brings together clients and contractors in different categories. While my specialty is writing, you can also find design, marketing, programming, admin support and other categories.

How can you find the best job for your skills with so many available? Here are some tips.

Stick to one or two categories

If you’re an individual contractor, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin with too many categories to manage. For example, I bid in the Writing and Admin support categories, but mostly in Writing.

Use tags and keywords

Some clients tag their jobs and use keywords in them. They are often skills or specific knowledge, so identify those that apply to you and bid for these jobs. You have a much better chance of getting a job for which you are qualified.

Don’t undersell yourself

Don’t fall into the trap of bidding low on interesting jobs. It might seem attractive at first, but in the end you’ll feel frustrated about working hard for little pay. Set up a minimum wage for yourself and stick to it.

One problem on Elance is the general lowering of pay; don’t contribute by bidding on jobs that are considerably underpaid. This will eventually force clients to raise their budgets to get qualified workers.

If you follow these tips, you have excellent chances of getting good Elance jobs that will help pay the bills. Read my post about how to write a great Elance bid for more Elance success tips.

Do you have any insights into the Elance system?


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