How to get back on track after a vacation

Sometimes it’s hard to get back to work after a break or a vacation. Ever had trouble getting back in the groove on a Monday morning? Here are some tips to get back to work without too much mental struggle.

Keep a task list

Keeping a task list is not only useful for keeping your projects on track. It’s also a great way to refresh your memory after a longer break.

Look at your previous tasks and what you have to do. Do you remember the last thing you did before you left? Your task list should give you an idea of what’s next on your schedule.

Review and reread

If you write a lot, spending some time rereading your previous work can be beneficial. While it’s recommended that you don’t leave a piece of writing for too long, sometimes it’s necessary to do so.

Rereading a piece can help refresh your memory as well. You’ll remember the topic, the tone, the style. You’ll be in better mental shape to carry on your work.

Take a breath

Sometimes it might take a few days to get back on track. And that’s fine. Don’t let the pressure stress you out or paralyze you. Just follow your natural productivity rhythms and your work flow should come back to normal in no time.

What do you do to get back into the beat after a break or vacation? Any tips, tricks or rituals you find useful to get your mind back on the writing track?


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