What are you worth as a freelance writer?

Today I found the blog of Ghostwriter Dad… and I found myself wondering what I was worth as a freelance writer.

My best client currently pays me 15$ per 500-word article. These don’t usually require more than a cursory Web search about the topic, and I can write them in about 30 minutes. That gives me an average of 30$ per hour. Not bad as far as I’m concerned–probably the best salary I’ve ever made in my life.

However, assignments from this client are somewhat limited and as I need to transition from graduate funding to making a living on my own, I need to find other sources of revenue.

So, what am I worth?

If the best I can get right now is 15$/500 words, is this what I am worth? Could I ask more? Ghostwriter Dad argues that you can easily get 1$ per word as you gain experience and a reputation. His blog is really inspiring and I plan on keeping up with it from now on.

In the meantime, however, how do I deal with the measly-paying jobs where I make less than 5$ an hour? Do I see them through for the reputation? Do I give them up to find better-paying assignments?

What did you do as a beginning freelance writer? Did you accept pennies and dimes in the hope that it would bring dollars in the future? How did you move your pay scale from cents per word to dollars per word? What kind of assignments should I seek out?



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