The role of the writer in web content strategies

I stumbled upon this post from Six Revisions this morning, and I thought I would share it with you.

I have some thoughts about the topic of web content strategies, even if I’m only beginning to understand the complexity of the field I chose to work in.

The post is addressed to web design companies. It describes the advantage of adding writing services to your package. Why are writers useful, you might wonder? After all, most of the stuff on the Web is dross.

Well, that’s exactly why you need good writers. People like me who work hard to write good articles with well-researched content (academic deformation I suppose) and good grammar. This makes your content stand out from the sea of ordinary stuff.

Using ghost writers has this advantage that companies can take all the credit for good writing done by others. My name never appears in anything I write for ghost writing projects. (Happily I found one place to use a byline!) Writers are probably the most important part of a web content strategy because, well, without content, you don’t get much of a strategy. Writers are the ones who provide your content.

How do you interact with your clients about their content? Do you just follow instructions or do you try to improve their strategy? Referring to the post I wrote yesterday about keyword density, do you accept to write things that you know are not going to work just for the sake of doing the job?


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